What's Hiding In Your Air Ducts?

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When was the last time you grabbed a flashlight and peeked inside your

homes air ducts?  Probably never.

Air ducts are an afterthought for most homeowners, but they are an

important component of your homes heating & cooling system.

Over time, particles can begin to collect inside of your air ducts, limiting

your heating and cooling efficiency and polluting your air supply.

So what contaminants could be hiding in your air ducts?

Below are a few examples.

  • Dust:  The average three-bedroom home generates more than 40 pounds of dust every year; much of which collects in your air ducts.

  • Mold:  If your home has elevated humidity, moisture inside your air ducts makes it a common breeding ground for mold.  Exposure to mold can cause allergic reactions, trigger asthma attacks, and lead to long-term respiratory problems.

  • Pet Dander:  Even if you don’t have pets, dander can still be found in your duct system from the previous owner.

  • Pollen:  Think you're safe from outdoor allergies inside our home?

       Think again!  Pollen can enter through your fresh air intake then

       spread through your house.

  • Third-hand Smoke:  We all know about firsthand and secondhand

       smoke, but if you smoke inside your house, you could also be

       exposing your family to third-hand smoke. This happens when

       harmful chemicals from cigarette smoke stick to surfaces in your home and remain long after

       the smoking has ceased.

Once these pollutants enter your air ducts, they use them as a transportation system to circulate throughout your entire home.  To keep your air ducts clean and clear of pollutants, experts recommend having them cleaned every 3-5 years.  Cleaning your air ducts requires specialized equipment, so it’s a job best left to the professionals.

Air Duct Reverse Purge Cleaning


  Most companies today use a 'rotary brush' air duct cleaning method.  This method uses a high speed spinning brush to clean dust and debris.  The risk associated with this method is the damage that can be caused to your flexible air duct from the rotating brush.

In the northern parts of the United States more metal air duct systems are fitted so can tolerate the rotary brush method.

Unfortunately this method is also used in the south where 99% of the homes are fitted with the more fragile 'flexible air ducts'.  

PURGE Animation

PURGE uses what is known as 'reverse air flow' technology to purge the dust and debris from the system.  A specially designed nozzle injects an even flow of high pressure air directly onto the surface of the air ducts causing the debris to move backwards towards the high powered H.E.P.A.

(High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) vacuum system.

As the debris is removed from the air duct, the H.E.P.A. vacuum captures the particles in a self contained system.  This is by far the safest and most hygienic method for both your family and your duct system.   

PURGE Air Duct Sanitation Process




Dust Mites


PURGE only uses environmentally safe antimicrobial air duct sanitizing products.  This is by far the safest and most hygienic method for both your family and your duct system

Once we have completed the purge cleaning process your PURGE technician uses what is called an antimicrobial atomizer. Your heating and cooling fan is turned on and the atomizer begins to inject an antimicrobial sanitizing mist into the air duct system.


This process will help kill any residual mold, bacteria, dust mites, and fungus that was not removed in the purging process.   

This is safe for you and your family and there is no need to leave the home during this process.

PURGE Air Handler Cleaning Process


PURGE will perform a cleaning of your air handler. This cleaning process includes cleaning of the blower wheel and a surface cleaning of the evaporator coil.

Why do I Need My Air Handler Cleaned?

Photo above shows what a clean blower wheel should look like
Photo above shows what a clean evaperator coil should look like

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