As a service driven organization, PURGE provides the highest quality work available.  We achieve this by keeping in close contact with our customers to ensure that we are serving their needs as desired.  All projects are completed by a Duct Cleaning Systems Specialist.  All work is achieved by using state of the art equipment.  PURGE representatives have over 20 years of experience!

Our consultants are devoted to understanding the individual needs of each client.  A consultant will evaluate the work by taking into consideration factors such as overall safety, difficulty, hours of operation and work duration.  Most clients are provided with proposal options during the evaluation.  

Quality & Experience

Innovative Technology


PURGE utilizes innovative methods & technology to find and correct the problems that you face.  Getting to the bottom of a problem and making sure that you have the right diagnosis is key!  Unfortunately too many times have we heard the story of having mold removed and it just returns. You can rest assured that when PURGE makes the corrections, the problem is gone for good!


Not all companies are created equally.  PURGE knows that you need innovative technology to resolve complex problems.  That's why it is important to have the correct testing equipment to test your home and make an accurate diagnosis.


Once you approve an option, we take care of the rest. 

The cleanliness of your home is our first priority.  We understand the investment you've made in your home.

Upon arrival, our experienced service personnel protect your home using tarps and shoe covers. 


Once the work is completed, there is an equipment check to make sure it is in proper working condition. 

After the surrounding areas are carefully cleaned and checked for any debris, a final walk through is conducted.  Clients are provided with any necessary documentation before signing off on our service.

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